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Fashion Cowboy Sombrero Straw Hats Wholesale

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Cheap bulk wholesale of authentic sombrero sahuallo Cowboy straw hats. These western cowboy style straw hats are known as the Spirit 8 Segundos (8 Seconds) hats. These authentic sombrero hats are the Quemado (burn brown) colors and un-bendable in style. These men's fashion sombrero cowboy straw hats are made from 100% natural grass, super environmental friendly. These cowboy Style Sombrero Hats are made in Mexico, a product of authentic Mexican culture.

These wide rim cowboy sombrero straw hats are great head wear in the summer time to wear to protect your face and neck from the sun. These sun hats are definitely a great protection for your head. These sombrero straw cowboy hats are also very representative of the western culture. Stock up on them today!

*Hat bands vary slightly each shipment, style of the hat stays the same.


  • Material: 100% Natural grass
  • Un-bendable; High quality
  • Each Sombrero cowboy straw hat measures about 16" Wide x 16" Long x 6" Height
  • Unisex summer sun hats
  • Made in Mexico
  • Authentic Summer Cowboy Style 8 Segundos (8 seconds) Sahuallo Sombrero Cowboy Straw Hats Wholesale


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