Hand Control Flying UFO Wholesale

Hand Control Flying UFO Wholesale

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Cheap bulk wholesale of rechargeable hand control flying UFO's. These flying air crafts are electronically charged, a charging cord is included in the box. These flying UFO are easy to operate; they can be controlled with hand. These flying balls featured motion-sensitive and distance sensor. These flying balls detects objects in its near distance and will move away from, so to control it, hold your hand underneath it to keep it in the air. Stock up on these new hand control flying UFO's today!


  • Color: Blue, Red and Black
  • Colors are assorted in the dozen
  • 96PC per master case
  • Box includes: 1 flying UFO and 1 charging cord
  • Each UFO measures about 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"
  • Sensing distance: 10 m
  • Children's Rechargeable Novelty Gifts Hand Control Flying Aircraft UFO's Wholesale
  • Instruction for operation:
  1. Turn on switch in the bottom
  2. Hold the UFO straight up position; in about 2-3 seconds the propellers will begin to spin
  3. Release ball from your hand and let it fly up
  4. Keep your hand underneath the ball to keep it in air


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